Chotu Play School

  " Chotu Play School " is the organised formed by well experienced professionals & Trained Teacher  from educational industry. Our Major Role is to be observe and develop the skills of child.

Our Vision
To enable, energize and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mind, body , spirit, which lead them to become  self dependent.

Our Mission

To nature young minds in a culltural environment and provide opportunities that will help their true potential.

Our Philosophy

To teach them in modern enviorment with cultural values, love and to grow healthy mind and body with good spirit. Our Stimulating enviironment and a Scientifically based curriculum natures the roots and lay goods basic foundation to help every child to achieve sucess in their phases of life.

Our Objectivies
  • To provide continuous stimulation for dynamic and holistic development of child.
  • To support and contribute in the social cause of Facilitating the development process of grooming young minds by upholding every child’s right to education with strong belief in Inclusive education
  • To create an environment for the smooth transition of a child from an informal homely atmosphere to a formal learning atmosphere.